Brandy Dalton, Director of Quality Assurance

Brandy is a Case and Disease Manager in the Care Coordination Department. She facilitates family access to medical home providers, staff, and other resources. She serves as a contact, advocate, and resource for family, community and other social or medical agencies. Brandy also works with patients who have chronic and complex diseases, monitors patient compliance with current disease specific clinical guidelines, educates patient and their families on their specific disease processes, and provides ongoing assessments, monitoring, and re-evaluation of health related needs.

Brandy holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida Hospital of Health Science. In addition to the primary care clinical setting, Brandy has diverse and extensive experience ranging from emergency room to critical care units in both Pediatrics and Adult hospital settings. Prior to joining Mercy she worked as Critical Care Staff Nurse at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

Brandy enjoys a good book, long walks and spending time with friends and family. She believes that it is never too late to accept the redemption and love of God offered through personal relationship with Jesus Christ.