The Case for Mercy

At Mercy, we believe everyone should have access to quality health care regardless of their insurance status. We are fortunate to serve insured and self-pay patients and to receive funding from grants and other federal sources. However, we must raise approximately $1 million a year to provide services to the uninsured in our community. We are so grateful for those that support our mission!

Mission Statement:

To reflect the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by providing excellent healthcare for ALL and support to their families.

Compelled by the grace of God and the biblical mandate to serve our neighbors in “word and deed,” Mercy Community Healthcare is distinct as THE community health center in this region. Opened in 1999 through the efforts of the citizens of Franklin and many in the faith community, Mercy fosters an “everyone is welcome” attitude.

Today, Mercy has more than 165 full- and part–time staff. Each of our physicians is board-certified. Our patients come from more than 30 counties in Tennessee. Why do they come from so far? Great doctors giving great care! In the for-profit medical communities, it is unprofitable to care for the un- and under-insured. Consequently, 67% of Mercy’s patients are uninsured or on TennCare, which is why we need your support.

Cross Image| Primary Care Doctors in Franklin TN | Mercy Community Health

Facts about Mercy

  • In 2021, 13,990 patients call Mercy Community Healthcare their medical home.
  • Mercy offers services for pediatric primary care, adult primary care, mental and behavioral health, and patient and family support. 
  • 67% of Mercy Community Healthcare’s patients are un- or under-insured, or on TennCare (Medicaid) or Medicare.
  • A self-pay program is available for patients without insurance.
  • Mercy Community Healthcare raises more than $1 million each year in order to sustain its current level of patient care.
  • Mercy Community Healthcare is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Mercy Community Healthcare is known for its accessible, affordable, compassionate, whole-person care as we serve our neighbors in body, mind, and spirit. No one is turned away because of their insurance status. Mercy has two primary revenues streams – reimbursement for services from TennCare and commercial insurances (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, etc.) and tax-deductible donations which allow us to care for the uninsured and under-insured.

For more information about supporting the work of Mercy Community Healthcare, contact