Chronic Care Management

Chronic care refers to medical care which addresses pre-existing or long-term illness. Mercy assists in the management of several chronic care conditions for its patients – both children and adults. Our providers manage these conditions with the help of trusted specialists when necessary. Ask us about our Chronic Care Management Program – a nurse-driven program!

Chronic Care Management Program

Welcome to Mercy Community Healthcare's Chronic Care Management Program (CCM). CCM is a model of care designed to help you manage your chronic conditions and achieve your health goals. CCM is a partnership between the patient/guardian and their healthcare team. As with any partnership, there must be a mutual understanding  of expectations.

Meet your CCM Team!

Nurses Alex, Lacy and Adriana!
Prepare for your first call by:

  1. Make a list of questions
  2. Think of any health goals
  3. Register on our patient portal

What is expected from CCM patients/families:

  1. Respond to your CCM Nurse phone calls.
  2. Maintain your follow-up visits and well visits with your primary care provider.
  3. Maintain follow-up appointments with your specialists.
  4. Organize and adhere to your medications, keep track of your doctors and appointments, organize information for medications, doctors and supplies. Keep track of you or your child's feeding regiment.

CCM will:

  1. Advocate for patient/family
  2. Help with integrated care
  3. Create a Comprehensive Care Plan
  4. Assist with Durable Medical Equipment
  5. Manage Home Health Correspondence and monthly nurse calls

Remember, our Chronic Care Management team is here to help you!

Mercy specializes in working with patients with many chronic care conditions, ask us during your next appointment!