Chronic Care Management Program

Mercy Community Healthcare's Chronic Care Management Program (CCM) is a model of care that pre-existing or long-term illnesses. It is designed to help patients, both children and adults, manage their chronic conditions and achieve their health goals. CCM is a nurse-driven program that works in partnership between the patient and/or guardian and Mercy’s healthcare team.


After Hour Care. Mercy Community Healthcare’s providers are dedicated to serving our patients 24 hours a day. If you are unsure whether an illness or injury that you or your child sustained requires emergent attention, please call our office at 615.790.0567. During office hours, you will be referred to a triage nurse. After hours, you will be referred to our answering services, where an on-call nurse and/or provider will speak with you.

How we can help!

Mercy’s CCM program helps with various needs such as obtaining medical equipment, assisting in referrals to specialists, following up on office visits and more. Each month, the program/team creates a care plan designed specifically for you. CCM's focus is to provide collaborative, integrated care.

If you would like to know more about the Chronic Care Management Program, talk to your primary provider or call our office.

Meet Team Lead Nurse Lacy

Meet Nurse Lacy – Team Lead

Nurse Lacy Powell is the head of the Chronic Care Management Program. The program will help set goals and coordinate your care.

Before you meet with CCM consider:

  • Making a list of questions
  • Thinking of health goals
  • Register on the Mercy Patient Portal

Our Chronic Care Management team is here to help you!


Mercy specializes in working with patients with many chronic care conditions. Ask us during your next appointment or call our office.


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