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The Semicolon’s Important Place in Mental Health

November 10th, 2022 Blog

Did you know the semicolon in mental health symbolizes “that a sentence wasn’t over yet, neither was a life, and the decision was made to keep on going.”

The semicolon is a significant part of the mental health awareness movement and suicide prevention for many reasons. It brings awareness and signifies that you aren’t alone. It also represents and shares personal strength to overcome internal struggles.

@cuffed2mental_health (Instagram) is a business to spread awareness. 10% of the profits go to Mercy Community Health Care Counseling Center to help those who are struggling to pay for things like therapy and medication. On each sweatshirt there is a semicolon on the cuff of the sleeve to remind people to keep going. The majority of the clothes are long sleeves to cover the wrists of those who are self harming. There are also  crew necks so if someone was put in the psych hospital, they can still bring their sweatshirt because it doesn’t have strings.

Jordan, the owner, “Mental health is something I personally struggle with on a day to day basis, I know how hard and expensive therapy and medications can be. I want to be able to help others with those expenses, so they don’t have to do it alone.”

Thank you Jordan! Recently, Jordan made her first donation to Mercy Community Healthcare!

To support Jordan and Mercy, visit Jordan on Instagram and DM for clothing purchases!

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